Front End Web Developer

About Me

Hi, I'm RaShaun, and web development has been the best accident I've ever had. I first discovered coding in 2011, when I started blogging. I quickly realized I liked playing with the HTML and CSS of my theme more than I liked blogging. It wasn't until 2014 when I finally acquiesced to my coding addiction.

Affiliations & Activities

Women Who Code DC

Color Coded Hackathon 2016

My Skills

I can build a site from scratch, customize or update an existing site, transfer content to a new site, or customize an existing WordPress theme. I also possess expertise in copy editing. I can look over content and check for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, ensuring that the content is clean and error free.


WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, Git


GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape

Work Experience

I've filled a variety of roles in the past few years, including Production Assistant for various movie/TV production companies. Each one has made me more versatile in many ways (some I'm sure I haven't even realized yet). Working in different environments has enabled me to easily adapt to any situation: I worked as a successful paralegal without any prior knowledge, because I can learn quickly and efficiently.

I'm always ready for a new adventure.

Front End Web Developer

Freelance / October 2015 - Present

Favorite Projects

[WIP] Colorfy: 2016 Color Coded Hackathon Project (Github), Front and Back end Developer

A digital, storytelling platform designed to cover stories of success and inspiration of people of color, by people of color, authentically and with integrity.
  • Building a responsive website based on a design the team created together.

  • Implementing Bootstrap and Flexbox for the grid system.

  • Final product will be a WP theme.

[Client Site] Shot 2 Frame (Screenshots), Front and Back end Developer

Completely dynamic photographer portfolio.
  • Designed and built the custom WP theme using Bootstrap.

  • Implemented a combination of Flexbox and JavaScript/jQuery to build a horizontal-scrolling gallery, with the lightbox effect.

  • Built two custom gallery functions (one for the home page and one for the portfolio pages), overriding the original WP gallery function, and making new default galleries.

Personal Website (Website), Front and Back end Developer

  • Designed and built using the JavaScript library ScrollMagic, which makes each section slide, pin, and move from left to right (and vice versa).

  • Converted from a static website to a dynamic WordPress theme.

  • Built with Bootstrap originally, but started to play around with column customization and working without Bootstrap.

Editor-in-Chief & Operations Manager

Giga Geek Online Magazine, Remote / August 2013 - February 2016

  • Boosted website traffic by 30% by re-designing and regularly updating the existing WordPress theme.

  • Spearheaded a change in goals for Giga, which led to a more focused direction and a valuable niche market.

  • Utilized a strong command of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation to communicate, edit, and contribute quality content.

  • Collaborated with and advised a team of remote volunteer writers, improving content quality and organizational growth.

  • Fostered relationships with other professionals in the industry, which created more opportunities for Giga to get access to new items for review.


Law Office of Vernon Keeve, Jr., Fredericksburg / February 2014 - February 2016

  • Served as the attorney’s right-hand assistant.

  • Acted as the liaison between clients, experts and opposing counsel.

  • Applied excellent writing skills in drafting briefs, legal memorandums, motions and correspondences.

  • Conducted all legal business professionally and with little guidance from attorney.

  • Assisted lawyer with strategic planning, researching materials, and organizing case exhibits and evidence for pending trials.

  • Organized and executed an extensive court and client calendar, with up to 5 court cases and 3 appointments daily.

  • Performed normal office duties, including scanning, photocopying, and filing all files and legal documents.

My Education

As a self-taught developer, I take advantage of every opportunity to learn more. If I see something that interests me or if something needs to get done, I'll learn what I need to to accomplish it successfully. I'm not afraid to take on a challenge because that is a great way to learn.

I'm currently learning more about UX/UI Design and Accessibility.

WordPress Development Blueprint

Skillcrush / 2016

I learned industry best practices for version control and collaborating on web development projects with Git and Github. Got a refresher on WordPress fundamentals and best practices.

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Udemy / 2015

This class introduced me to building custom, dynamic, and responsive WordPress themes, using the Bootstrap framework. I also gained an understanding of how to convert a static site into a WordPress site, utilizing PHP, and worked with valid, semantic HTML5 and CSS3.

The Complete Web Developer Course

Udemy / 2015

Going into this class, I had experience with HTML and CSS. This class taught me a little bit of everything, including the basic fundamentals of JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, WordPress, APIs, Mobile Apps, and hosting.

Copy Editing / Grammar Lab

UC San Diego Extension / 2013

I took these classes as part of a certification for copy editing. Being able to proofread and copy edit is very beneficial no matter what industry you're in.

Bachelor of Arts in English / Minor: Writing

Virginia Commonwealth University / August 2004 - May 2008

Lots and lots of writing: creative, screen, technical, essay, etc. Everyone wants someone who can communicate and write well; I went to school for it.


Never stop learning: school isn't the beginning and end of knowledge. There are too many opportunities to learn that thing you've been putting off. Encourage and help others: we don't have to be stingy with success. We should all work together to make life better and each other more successful.


Transition from a front end developer to fullstack developer. Working as a freelancer and with WordPress has really helped me closer to this goal; I'm forced to learn a little bit of everything. I also want to provide clients with user-friendly, fully responsive, and unique websites.


An avid gamer (PlayStation FTW!) with an interest in graphic design and video editing. I co-host a YouTube channel and am also a super horror-movie fan. The first movie I saw in the movie theater was "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare," when I was five.



Want a less fancy copy of my resume?


I'm looking for a place where I can continue to learn, grow, and work with good people. I'm also still taking on freelance projects. Interested in learning more about me or have a project in mind? Contact me!